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Pierre Ngendananayo

Pierre Nizeyimana Profile

I am 9 years old and I have been living at FIDESCO for one year.

I do not know my father and my mother never told me about him.  I used to live with my mother, but we were very poor.  Each morning, I would get up early and try to go find some food that I could bring back to her and our family.  I used to steal potatoes in a nearby field and take them home.  I have two older brothers: Patrick and Fabrice.  They also live on the streets, but sometimes they go home.

My mom has never had a regular job, but sometimes she would try to sell alcohol or drugs to make money for us. …

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Zidane Ndatimana

Zidane Ndatimana Profile

I am 11 years old.  I came to FIDESCO at the end of November 2011.

People came and took me off the street.  They saved me from the demons there.  Now, I have stopped taking drugs too.  If I had $30 USD, I would buy a bicycle so I could travel and live better.

When I grow up, I want to be president.

Read more about Zidane on RDDC blog: Two Naturally Talented Boys: Mugisha Jean Paul & Zidane Ndatimana

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Jean de Dieu Niyigena

Jean de Dieu Niyigena Profile

My mother used to lock me out of the house, so I ended up living on the streets.

Then, she died and it is still hard for me to accept that she is no longer alive.  I have a father, but he refuses to acknowledge that I am his son.  He refuses me.  I have one sister named Josie and I love her very much.

I like sports, music, dance and God, but I am afraid of killing.  Now, I want to change my story.  I want to change the bad part so I can study and become intelligent.

If I had $30 USD, I would pay my school fees in Rwanda so I could go back to study. …

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Eric Mugiraneza

Eric Mugiraneza thumb

I am 15 years old now.  Before coming to FIDESCO, I lived on the streets, but I do not know how long I was there.  I just remember that I kept trying to escape the police because, if they catch you on the street, you go to The Camp of Transition and you get beaten.


Both my parents died.  I really loved my parents.  My father was sick, and two months after he died, my mother also died.  I had gone to try and find some food for her, but when I came back home after three days, I saw she was already dead. …

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