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Jean de Dieu Niyigena

My mother used to lock me out of the house, so I ended up living on the streets.

Then, she died and it is still hard for me to accept that she is no longer alive.  I have a father, but he refuses to acknowledge that I am his son.  He refuses me.  I have one sister named Josie and I love her very much.

I like sports, music, dance and God, but I am afraid of killing.  Now, I want to change my story.  I want to change the bad part so I can study and become intelligent.

If I had $30 USD, I would pay my school fees in Rwanda so I could go back to study.  Then, I can have a happy family one day.  When I grow up, I want to become a teacher of dance and a strong, famous dancer in Rwanda.  I want to teach children to dance, and then I want my students to become teachers of dance for other children.

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