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Samuel Shyaka

Samuel Shyaka Profile

I am 18 years old.  I am an orphan and I live with my brother in Kigali.

The two most important things that I respect are life and school.  I love to dance, and I dream of becoming the most famous dancer in Rwanda and all over the world.

For me now, my goal is finish my studies.  If I find support for my school fees, I will be able to obtain knowledge and then change my life by myself.…

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Patrick Mazimpaka

Patrick Mazimpaka Profile

I was born in 1990 into a family with three children.  My father died in the genocide, and I lived with my mother thereafter.

My mother re-married in 1997, but my step-father would not accept me as their child and he would beat me.  I tried to do lots of small jobs to help the family, but still my step-father said that I did nothing.  It was hard for my mother to see this happen to me, and had high-blood pressure and went to the hospital.
The doctors could not help her and they sent her back home even though she was still sick. …

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Olivier Twagimanya

Olivier Twagimanya thumb

I am 18 years old.  I live with my mother because my father has passed away.  There are five children in my family.  I love my family, especially my mother and my little brother.

When I lived at home, there was no way to go to school.  Eventually, I decided to live on the streets until I came to FIDESCO.  FIDESCO paid my school fees and encouraged me to move back to live with my family.  Life on the streets was too difficult.  I saw many children die, some turn to prostitution and others being tortured.

In life, I really like to study. …

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Jean Baptiste Nsenga

Jean Baptiste Nsenga thumb

I am 18 years old and live in Gikondo, which is part of Kigali.  I live with my mother, my sister and one brother.  My father died during the genocide.  He was a good man – a man of integrity.  But unfortunately, he died when I was still very young.


When my father died, our life at home was hard and I decided to live on the street.  Living on the street is the same as living on your own.  Nobody cares.  If you get sick, you just sit there – nobody cares.  You don’t have anything to do.  I was six years old when I started living on the street. …

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Jean d’Amour Biziyaremye

Jean d’Amour Biziyaremye photo

I am 16 years old. I live in Kimisagara in Kigali. I live with my brothers and sisters, but I do not live with my father because he has a drinking problem. My mother died in 2000 when I was five years old. No one was at home to help me or pay for me, so I left to go live on the streets. I slept under the bridge at night. I would survive by taking a tree and transforming it into charcoal. Then, I would sell the charcoal and use that money to buy food.

If we were sick, we could not go to the hospital because we did not have money.…

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