Jean Paul Mugisha

Jean Paul Mugisha

Jean Paul Mugisha

Nickname: “The Question Asker”
Age: 10 years old
Time spent at FidesCo: Approximately 1 year

Jean Paul Mugisha is the oldest of three siblings. He lived with his parents, but his father severely beat his mother and one day he beat her so much that he was taken to prison.

“I didn’t like being home when my father was beating my mom, so I used to stay on the street and then go home late at night. I didn’t go to school.”

The police picked up Mugisha from the street one day and took him to the transit center. From there, FidesCo came and transferred him to the temporary shelter and re-integration center.

Over time, Mugisha became one of the top students in both the RDDC dance program and the IT program at FidesCo. He is quiet, focused and has proven to have an excellent memory.

“I want to go back to school and study,” says Mugisha. “I want to fight against drugs in my country and become a role model for the younger generations,” which is quite a remarkable goal for this little 10 year old!

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