Emmy Turikumwe

Emmy Turikumwe

Emmy Turikumwe

In Emmy’s words…

“I am the second oldest child in my family.  I am now 22 years old, but I still have not finished high school.  I live in Rugerero, Gisenyi in Rwanda.

Boarding school would help me study much better because I wouldn’t have to worry about all the other problems of my family.  When I grow up, I will support my family.  Thank you so much.”

The Story of Emmy…

Emmy is a student from RDDC’s program in Rugerero, Gisenyi, which is in the northern province of Rwanda.  He lives in a poor family which works the fields daily in order to find a means to survive.  Although the annual Rugerero program has over 120 participating children, Emmy stood out as a leader.  Rebecca Davis describes him in this way:

I have taught hundreds of children around the world, but rarely can I remember noticing a young male who is a silent leader.  I use the word silent because he rarely speaks – either with his peers, the younger students or even the teaching team – but his actions command the respect of the entire group.  The children naturally see Emmy as a role model, father and leader.  As a teacher, I see him as my peer.”

In 2012, Emmy’s family no longer had enough money to pay for the minimal school fees that are required in public secondary school in Rwanda – approximately $50 USD per year.  Emmy approached RDDC and asked if there was any way we could find a sponsor for him to continue to go to school.  RDDC underwrote his fees of $50 in 2012.

In 2013, Emmy’s situation worsened: he could only continue his education if he attended a boarding school in Rugerero – meaning paying fees of $450 per year.  Emmy has only three years left to complete his high school education, but the only schooling option available to him is a boarding school at this higher cost.  RDDC is hoping to find a group of people who would be willing to share their passion for education and love of life in order to give Emmy the chance to go to school for three more years and earn a high school diploma.  He would be the first person in his family to ever do so.

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